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♀To place an order for common sense:

1. The customer needs to determine the bag under the premise

- size (CM),
- quantity (the minimum quantitative general 1000)
- weight: general making non-woven bag booker weight: 70 g (contentment big sector demand) / 80 g / 100 g / 120 g.
-  printing: print on how many colors, printing size, presence of laminating, logo, or other special printing.

2. Need to choose color box design can be reference for non-woven fabric color or the style of the website (non-woven fabric 1 ton can order any color)

3. If a certain style and specifications, or images, can be directly sent to us for quotation reference.
- > will inquiry details to inform our company salesman, we will be in the shortest possible time, give you the lowest price.

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